August 12, 2016

Event Details

Event Details:
Welcome to the first World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship, WFSC.
These events will occurs worldwide on every odd year and are not affiliated with CMAS
Our first event is MAY 18 & 19, 2017 in Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
This is a 2 Day diving event in the beautiful warm waters of the Nevada desert. Water temperature 70-75 degrees F. Visibility will range from 1-10 meters.

Day #1 will be unlimited Striped Bass only. This a very difficult game fish to find and shoot. It will make for a very challenging day of diving. Unlimited size and take. Fish will be awarded 3 points per fish with no points for weight.

**There is a limit of 20 striper over 20″, but most all your fish will be under 20″. Unlimited fish under 20″

Day #2 will be unlimited Carp only. This is the common carp and they are very abundant in this lake. These are rather easy fish to shoot, but top competitors will need to shoot over 100 fish to be competitive. The sheer weight and number of fish you will need to shoot and handle makes for a very different hunt and challenge from the first day. Unlimited size and take. Fish will be given 1 point per fish and no points for weight. Ties are broken by the weight of your largest fish.
Both these fish species the Department of Wildlife would like removed from the lake, to better gain control of this lake. All fish will need to be iced down as they will be used for a food source.
Your largest fish from each day will be weighed for the big fish awards and as a tie breaker.

Teams: Each country will be allowed 2 teams in 4 different divisions. Master’s, Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles. 2 divers per team.
Masters division are age 60 and over as of meet day.  Teams must dive together (in boat based meets) Divers that come individually must dive on a boat with another individual or team.
Mixed Doubles can consist of a man and woman, or man and Junior <18. All teams need to qualify in their country and have permission to representative their country. Where agencies do not exist for this permission, resumes may be sent in to qualify with the WFSC committee.

Send to the contact us,  tab above.

Rules: Read over the rules section for all the details