February 20, 2022


All general guidelines are listed here: World Meet Guidelines

There will be 4 divisions: Masters, Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed.  Juniors are welcome to team with an adult in mixed.

The event will be boat-based, with both divers in the same boat. Multiple teams may share the same boat. But no single divers on boats or jet skis.

This is an individual and team event, so please keep your fish separate on your boat in well-marked containers so a judge can tell who’s fish belong to who.

The event will be over 2 days, May 18-19, with game fish on the first day and rough fish on the second day.

This event is freediving only flashers may be used, but NO CHUMMING is allowed at any time.  Fish may be shot outside the event boundaries at any time.

No fish may be shot in the event area 30 days before the event. This will result in a disqualification for that individual. Practice shooting fish outside the event zone.

ALL fish must be shot on the event day only. At the weigh-masters discretion, rotting fish may either be removed from that day’s score or result in the disqualification of the diver.

The event zone is the same for both days. It is large, so there will be an hour of travel time on both ends of the event. Teams are responsible for getting their boats for all days.

Spearfishing is prohibited within all of the following areas:
•One-quarter mile of all existing developed areas, including shoreline campgrounds, docks, launch ramps, breakwaters and trailheads
•One-quarter mile of any structure, including any building, shed, pump-out, boat dock, breakwater, permanent harbor fixture, camper, motor home, trailer, tent or vehicle
• Rainbow Bridge National Monument
•One-quarter mile of Dangling Rope Marina, including any land- or harbor-based structures
•One hundred yards (300 feet) of any boats (unless the person owns, rents, leases or lawfully occupies the boat), or another boat moves into the 100-yard perimeter after the spearfishing activity has commenced.

The use of GPS, and fish finders, is legal for the event and scouting days. Cell phones may be used for emergencies and to tell the time. Each diver is allowed 10 scouting days within 30 days of the event.

Divers must tow buoys with flags for safety, as there can be boat traffic. Dive teams may choose to dive close together for safety or spread out. Your boat needs to be available for your safety at all times.

Divers from opposing teams may dive the same region. Boats may only approach their divers. Boats may not come within 100 ft of other divers at any time, except for emergencies.

Teams are responsible for their own boats, captains, and fish handlers. We will always be on Arizona time. Either an Arizona or Utah fishing license is required to spearfish in Lake Powell

All Divers must Join USOA for our insurance to cover you in a National Park. The cost is $20.  Registration can be completed at National Freshwater Spearfishing Association (NFSA)  starting in September.

Coast Guard Emergency phone #

Agenda – Fresh Water Worlds. For all the start times, finish times, Weigh-in times, and locations see the Agenda section of the web page.


All diving must only be done in Utah waters.

Each diver is allowed 8 catfish (no size requirements), 8 Walleye ( no size requirements, only 1 over 24”), and unlimited stripers (only twenty over ).

Shooting illegal fish will result in disqualification. This includes all endangered species and black bass.

All fish must be kept on ice and in separate well-marked containers or on separately marked stringers.

Fish must be shot on the day of the event.  Game fish are awarded 3 points per fish. Weigh only your largest game fish for awards.

Catfish and walleye may never be shot in Arizona waters, only in Utah waters.


Diving may be done in Utah or Arizona.

Each diver is allowed UNLIMITED Carp of any size.

Divers must come prepared to shoot near 100 fish each, which could mean 800 pounds each, 370 kg.

Your Boat and containers should be organized with this in mind. Each diver must keep his catch separate. Large garbage cans, stringers, or garbage bags will work.

All rough fish are awarded 1 point per fish. Weigh only your largest fish for awards and to break any ties in total scores.

No sharing or trading fish.

May 20

We have many fun activities planned for you to see the area, 4×4 the region, explore Antelope canyon, and horseshoe bend….

This evening there is a cowboy theme banquet, awards, and raffle.


In the event of a protest, protesters must submit the protest in writing within a half hour of the completion of weigh-in (preferably earlier!) along with $100.00. The $100 protest fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld. One representative from each county, present at the weigh-in, will have a vote on the protest committee. The WFSC event Director will oversee the protest allowing each party 5 minutes to explain their side. Any decision of the protest committee is final. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate disqualification of a diver or entire team.

Diving Conditions:

Visibility: 10-30 feet.   Gun choice 80-110cm

Typical temperature: 65-75 degrees but can get thermoclines past 30 feet down to mid/low 60 f.  Suits 3-5mm.

Depth: 10-30 feet, 3m-10m average. Most fish are shot here.

Wind Average: 5-10 mph throughout the month of May. 

Air Temperature: Average highs in the mid 90’s with nighttime lows in the low 60’s. Wear sunscreen and hats, and stay hydrated.

Lake terrain: Sand, rock, and mud. The water level here has changed a lot with droughts, 100’,  so it’s new diving for everyone. Boat slow and safe in unknown areas with shallow rocks.