August 3, 2016




Large fish awards: will be ink printed fish, 2 per division, 1 for largest Striper and 1 for largest Carp.  Given to all 4 divisions, Master, Men’s, Women’s, & Juniors

Individuals awards: Glass Trophies are given to the top 10 over all divers. Total points combined for both days,  Given to: Masters, Mens,Women’s, Juniors, and OVER ALL TOP DIVERS.

Team awards: Plaques awarded to top teams in divisions with at least 3 teams: Maters, Mens, Women’s, and  Mixed

Individual awards in each division: Individual awards are presented per division. Masters, Mens, Womens, Juniors

**Number of awards given is based on attendance. There will be lots of very cool and unique awards!

There are also 8, $500 gift coupons awarded to top divers courtesy of ROB ALLEN AND THE FREEDIVE SHOP, Thanks to Greg Vanessa and Rob.

**Special Notes**:    Any individual divers must be on a boat with another individual diver or another team for safety. No diving from solo boats

                                      All teams must dive from the same boat , if possible, and keep there fish separated

                                      Boats can have more than one team per boat.

                                       **KEEP YOUR FISH SEPARATED AND ICED.

                                     The 2 divers on a boat may be from different countries and be representing a team

                                     For big fish awards you must pick out your biggest fish and hand only one fish to the judge

                                           to be weighed. IN case of a tie the largest fish breaks the tie.

                                     Individual awards are given to all 4 divisions.

                                     Individual World Champion Awards will come from the top individual scores from all divisions.

                                            So a Junior could win 1st place in the Junior division, and still place

                                             in the Individual World Champion division.