February 20, 2022


Lake Powell has more shoreline than all of California. This event will be held in the Southern section of the lake where the Utah and Arizona borders meet.

The region consists of Wahweap, Utah, and Page, Arizona, and is all in the Navajo Nation with lots of great Indian History.

Bring the family there is so much to do here. There are 3 world-class Nationals parks within 2 hours: Bryce, Zion, and the Grand Canyon plus tons of National Forest land, Mesa Verde Indian Ruins, Antelope Canyon hike…….

The topography of the lake region is all in smooth red rock and looks like something you might see on another planet.

There is plenty of camping, motels, Airbnb’s, and lots of boats that can be rented from local marinas. However if your use your social media account to look for contacts in the area you might be surprised who will be willing to help.

Here are some logistics:

Fly into Las Vegas for a 4-hour drive to get to the dive location, or fly to Phenix, Arizona for a 3.5-hour drive. You can also get a direct flight straight into Page, Arizona on a small plane. You will need to and want to have a rental car to get around.

If you can plan 2 weeks this will give you plenty of time to prepare for the event, scout, and take a few days off to vacation in the region.

Diving: The event is planned for May/June 2023, for warm water and weather. Most diving is in 3-13 meters, and visibility is typically 5-10 meters.  Suits for this event will be 3-5 mm.  Weights will be provided. Guns 80-110cm, bring your own float and flag for each diver.

You need to rent and plan your own boats in advance. You may individually only scout 10 days in advance for this world event. The Lake is currently down 70 feet, so the whole lake is new diving for everyone, making this a super fair event that really brings out the best divers and hunters in the world. Note, 2 species of fish, carp, and striper will have unlimited take so plan for a lot of trigger time and to be handling more fish than you have ever seen.

This is one of our best lakes to dive in the USA for consistent clear warm water and lots of fish.

Other fun activities will be planned so watch this site for sign-ups.