March 6, 2021


Updated WFSC Logistics & Rule Review.
July 18 is our meet and greet / pizza party; bring your own drinks. Time to meet all the competitors, hand out event shirts, Tell fish stories….C and J Sports/dive shop 6-8 pm
July 20 is a big Striper Derby for $-fun prizes. Anyone may hunt in any part of the lake, 1 fish per person. This is the only day you may shoot in the tournament area for 1 striper. Only 1 striper may be shot per diver, no upgrading. Please have your striper on Ice as your striper will go to our fish fry on July 22. Striper Must be weighed in at the Dam Pavillon, between 4-5 pm. Awards and mandatory competitors meeting to follow. Bring food and dry clothes.
July 22-23. Our event has no morning physical check-in due to the start time. However, teams must text each morning to verify their participation. And physically check out at the Weigh-in to verify their safety before 4 pm. For July 22-23, you may enter the water at 7 am GPS time, and all divers must be out of the water before 2 pm. Divers with their fish must be at the Dam Pavilion by 4 pm checked in.PHONE # 707-484-8203 to text to confirm your diving each day.
July 22 is a Fish Fry dinner- provided by Brett Leave & Family. During the weigh-in. FREE On July 23, Banquet—Awards—Raffle will proceed with the weigh-in later that evening.The Restaurant is El Pueblito 3, 14340. AR-12. Rodgers Ark. 479-372-6275. 40 minutes West of the DamDrinks-Cash Bar 7:30, Dinner 8-9 pm, Awards- raffle 9-10. Extra tickets only in advance $25.
1-Teams consist of 2 divers. Both divers must be on the same boat, or if diving from shore, they must be in the same area for safety. There are 2 Divisions: MENS-MASTER, WOMENS-MIXED.There are individual awards for Men, women, and Masters and team awards for the above 2 divisions, and big fish awards.
2-No more than 10 days of scouting is allowed by any individual, 30 days before the event. 
3-July 22 is Game fish day: * There are limits to these species. POINTS are earned 1 point per pound, No upgrading your fish. Max points per fish is 20 *Stripers/ Hybrid stripers, Limit 1, size must be 20 inches or greater *White Bass, NO limit *Catfish ( channel, blues, flatheads) Limit is 5 in combination, any size *Walleye/Sauge/Saugeye, Limit 2 in combination, the size must be 18 inches or greater *Crappie, Limit 5, the size must be 10 inches or greater *Drum 3 any size NO BLACK BASS: Largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass allowed. Short or illegal fish will disqualify you individually for that day only. No upgrading your fish.
4-July 23 is rough fish day: Carp, Grass Carp, Drum, Gar ( long nose-short nose-spotted) are all Unlimited take. All suckers species combined 20 max. There is no sizes restriction on rough fish. Points: 2 points per fish. Weigh in your largest rough fish for an award; please pre-pick this fish as you are in line. All fish must be clean and free of dirt, rocks, and sand before weigh-in.
5-Both divers must operate from one boat for safety. Boats may carry more than 1 team. All divers must keep their catches separate in marked containers.
6-Divers must be within 100yd / 92 mt of a Red and white dive flag at all times; the flag should be 12″ x12″ inches and stand 12″ above the water.
7-Divers may not dive within 100 yds of marinas or boat ramps. Divers need to give way to boats fishing, shore fishermen, and private docks with people on them. 
8-No spearfishing before sunrise or after sunset. NO spearfishing in the tournament area except for 1 striper on July 20. Practice spearfishing is to be done in the western part of the lake, beyond the boundary line on the map. Point # 6. No chumming at any time. 
9-All divers must have a local fishing license for any days they spearfish. Please read and understand the fishing rules for beaver lake as they are different than many parts of Arkansas: 
10-You may never shoot Black bass in Beaver Lake! Largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass. Or alligator gar. You may not clean your fish on the lake before you’re done diving. Any of these infractions could be grounds for disqualification. 
11- For any emergencies, call the local coast guard: 886-777-2784
12- Protest and DQ, disqualification policy.Any team seeing another team break the rules may file a protest within 30 minutes of the last fish being counted, in writing to the Weigh Master Don Barthman. If the issue cannot be resolved, both parties will make their case to 5 predetermined judges from different countries. Their decision will be final. 
Rule Review:-Diving time 7-2 only. Don’t get in the water until 7, be out before 2. Cell phone time-Keep your fish separated, no sharing, no upgrading fish, no old or dead fish allowed-No solo divers per boat, NO loaded guns on boats. No Chumming.-All fish must be of minimum size: 1 striper 20″ +, 2 Walleye 18″ +, 5 crappies 10″ +  Any short fish are breaking state law and will DQ you for the day.-You may shoot no illegal fish in the event: Black bass and Alligator gar.-You must have a fishing license for event days-Stay 100 yds from all marinas, boat ramps. Give fishermen the right away.-Private docks with any activity on them are off-limits. You may dive around private docks that are not occupied.-You must always be within 100 yds- 92 mt of a dive flag belonging to you or your buddy or   Your Boat.-Check-in with your fish and buddy before 4:00 at the Dam pavilion each day-No Spearfishing in the event zone except for the 1 striper for the Striper Derby.-No poor sportsmanlike conduct; keep it friendly-Boats may not come within 100 yds of another divers flag. Except to pick up a diver slowly and carefully. Divers should avoid hunting near or towards each other.-No spearing in swim zones. No diving outside the boundaries -No excuses for boat failure or running out of gas; find a way back to the Pavilion before 4 pm