August 3, 2016

2019 New Zealand









Welcome to the opening of the Spearfishing New Zealand 2019 World Freshwater Spearfishing Championships. 

The Competition will take place on the 9th and 10th of March 2019 in Taupo, central North Island of NZ.

It will be a bulk Catfish Competition.

New Zealand is the Adventure Capital of the World and one of the most beautiful countries for you to enjoy.

This will be a boat free Competition which will keep costs down for competitors. Catfish sites can be accessed by car and a short swim.

They range in depth from one metre to 20mts, visibility around 4mts to 10mts. Temperature around 18 to 20 degrees celsius.

Countries that have lodged interest so far are the following:
USA, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Guam, Hawaii, Italy, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Libya

You can now register using the following link:

Please keep checking for regular updates.




    This is a guideline for teams coming for World Freshwater Champs 2019 in New Zealand.

    • Fly direct in to Auckland.
    • Taupo is a comfortable 4 hour drive south of Auckland.
    • Think about  spending a couple of days diving the sea around and north of Auckland or the Coromandel east coast or the Tauranga Bay of Plenty area. We have contacts for all these areas on the website to get you out diving.
    • I would allow around 4 days for scouting in Taupo but that is up to your team.
    • Anyone wanting to dive for our Paua or abalone as they are known world wide need to look South of Taupo to the Wellington area or into the South Island.
    • For tourist sight seeing the South Island is New Zealand’s jewel and should not be over looked.
    • For the hunters we have listed a couple of options on the website for you to consider, New Zealand has several different species of deer, wild pigs, wild goats, plenty of turkeys, rabbits, hares and millions of possums, its a hunters paradise.


    Conditions & Recommendations

    • New Zealand water temperatures March. These are an estimate working from previous years.
    • Ocean temperatures upper north Island 19 to 22 degrees celcius
    • Ocean temperatures lower north Island 16 to 18 degrees celcius
    • Ocean temperatures South Island 14 to 17 degrees
    • Lake Taupo water temperature 19 to 21 degrees
    • Gun lengths used in New Zealand:
      Upper North Island Ocean. 110cm to 120cm most common.
      Lower North Island and South Island 80 cm to 100cm most common.
    • Worlds Lake Taupo Catfish gun choice:
      Most New Zealand teams will use Handspear/Hawaiian sling.
      If anyone uses a gun for the Catfish a guess would be 80cm to 100cm.