April 13, 2021


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Bruce Ayau

When I was young my dad used to take us to Molokai for the summer, we were barely 5 years old and we already knew that our favorite thing to do was spearfishing. Every morning my brothers and I would anxiously await my dad and grandpa to say let’s go!” When we jumped in the water there were fish and lobster everywhere. We managed to fill our T-bars with all sorts of species and couldn’t wait to see our grandma smile, as we gave her all her favorites Kumu Moana Kali and Papio. She would steam it ,fry it ,or bake it ,and it was always on our lunch or dinner table. We really did live off the ocean during those days. Today I am still diving and loving the ocean. To give fresh fish to my family and friends on a regular basis makes me feel terrific. Whether it’s surfing, Outrigger paddling or spearfishing I will always have that connection and love for the ocean. Good luck to all the participants in this year’s worlds in Arkansas I look forward to more relationships and awesome times with terrific friends. Aloha!

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Hanale Adric

Hanalei Adric, I was born and raised in Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA. I started spearfishing at age 7 and traded fish for sandwiches at the local drive-in. As a kid, I peddled fish around the community for extra money; spearfishing kept me out of trouble and taught me to value hard work. At 13 years old, I began spearfishing competitively in local tournaments as a member of the North Shore Spearfishers. In 1993, I competed in my first national event at Kings Beach, Newport, Rhode Island. 2013 Freshwater Nationals, 2nd Place Individual, Lake Meade, NV 2013 USOA National Champion, 1st Place Individual Newport, RI 2014 USOA, 2nd Place Individual, 1st Team, Kona, HI 2015 Freshwater Nationals, 1st Place Individual, 1st Place Team, Keyhole Reservoir, WY 2018 Freshwater Nationals, 4th Place Individual, Lake Powell, AZ 2019 Freshwater Nationals, 4th Place Individual, Lake Meade, NV I want to wish all the competitors good luck and dive safe. Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors for this years World Competition. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Jose Santeiro

Jose Santeiro is 61 years old, has been competing since 1996. He learned to spearfish in freshwater and is excited to be competing with one of the legendary McGuire’s!

Mike McGuire

Mike was born into a diving family along the California coast. He started diving competitions early and fell in love with the water, fish, sea life and the environment. After many years of competing, he now finds that his passion has changed to giving others the opportunity to experience the same thrill. It is his pleasure to still be diving well and to be able to join so many top divers from around the world in this event. As a tradition, Mike Van Haele will be buying all the top teams drinks all night long at the Banquet, Thanks Mike

Mike Van Haele

This is my 50th year of diving and I love it as much now as I did then! Come see me at the banquet and I’ll have Mike McGuire buy you a beer! Always enjoy seeing my diving friend!!!

Don Heskett

This is my 38th year of diving and I love it as much now as I did then! Come see me at the banquet and I’ll have Mike McGuire buy you a beer! Always enjoy seeing my diving friend!!!

Pat McCarthy

Started diving in 1987 and was immediately adopted by the club Spear-fishermen. The first thing they did was take away my new scuba gear and give gear from the fifties and a spear gun. Since that day I have been involved either as a member or Officer in the following clubs, the Kansas City Frogman Club, The Midwest Diving Council and The Underwater Society of America. Throughout the years I have competed and won several awards for those organizations, local and National, with the help and
support of some great friends and teammates. Some of the events I enjoyed and still enjoy are Skin and Scuba Spearfishing, Scuba Skills, Underwater Photography and Underwater Hockey. Can’t wait to see everyone at the lake and hear some great stories. 

Bob Benson

My name is Bob Benson. I’m 66 years old and will be competing in the Master’s Division at this year’s World Championships. I’ve been diving since 1978 and an active part of the Midwest Diving Council since 1988. I’ve participated in multiple spearfishing competitions during that time including several Nationals, many local events as well as the first World Freshwater Championships at Lake Mead. I’m looking forward to seeing all of those competitors who were at that event. It should be a great tournament. Good luck to everyone. Let’s all be safe and have fun.


Calvin Lai

Calvin Lai is a local, Island-born Hawaiian. Spearfishing since the age of 7, he has over 30 years of experience on the ocean—many of which include prestigious awards and recognitions. These include but are not limited to: 2-time United States Freshwater National Spearfishing Champion, former world record holder for the Pacific Blue Marlin, and numerous state records. Calvin has appeared on numerous local TV shows for spearfishing and just recently finished with an upcoming Travel Channel episode. As a young child, Calvin was introduced to the art and love of spearfishing by his grandfather, Ceasar Rubio. Grandfather Rubio taught Calvin that knowledge of, respect, and love for the ocean and its environment are irreplaceable gifts that must be held in the highest regard.Spearfishing is an art valued throughout the entire Lai family. Due to this, you’ll often find his father, Calvin Lai, Sr., a seasoned 40-year captain, accompanying Calvin on his water journeys. If you are fortunate enough, you may even get to meet next generation Eli Lai Junior, as he is also very experienced and occasionally joins in on the fun as well. When not fishing or spending time with his family, Calvin Lai works as a full-time firefighter in Kona, Hawaii.

Mike Livingston

My name is Mike Livingston and I am passionate about spearfishing! I am 42 years old, live in Utah with my beautiful wife Lindsey and our 4 amazing children (Tyler 17, Bailey 16, Kyle 24, Emery 11). We live a pretty simple life. We active in our church, love spending time together hiking or playing in the outdoors. My sons are really into marching band and you will find me many Saturdays in the fall cheering them on at their competitions. My daughter Bailey is a competitive volleyball player (she is 6’4″ tall) and has goals to play in college. My youngest daughter loves hunting and fishing and is my best buddy. I try to get out and in the water as often as I am able. I love spearfishing and to me it is about the experience and the people you are sharing it with. My journey into spearfishing started very much this way. I never grew up doing much fishing or hunting of any kind. I only got interested in it later in life as an adult when I realized that I wanted to be able to provide outdoor opportunities for my children. I got into the sport of spearfishing as a result of my best friends Mike Kennedy, Ben Brown and Kenny Western. Mike invited me to go on an adventure with him to Mexico to fish and explore on the Sea of Cortez. We knew very little about spearfishing at the time. I think I could only hold my breath for about 30 seconds and knew nothing about diving or equalizing. We had no weights and would stuff our swimsuit pockets with rocks to help us get down. We were so proud to dive 20-30 feet and shoot a grouper or wrasse. It was such a thrill to see all the marine life and how alive the ocean was. I was hooked! I started watching all the videos I could and reading and learning about the sport. We connected up with RMSA (Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association) and started participating in the fun dives and competitions. As a result I have met so many incredible divers and enjoyed such great experiences travelling all over the country competing and having fun. I continue to go to Mexico each year with the “Bahia Bros” and we dive and spear and explore the underwater world. I love to dive the 26 or so lakes in Utah and the surrounding states that allow it. I serve on the board of RMSA and am helping to drive growth and advocate for our sport. I continue to learn the craft and feel so privileged to be able to compete on the world stage. Spearfishing is indeed about the people and I love the camaraderie and friendships that have come as a result. Thank you for letting me share in this experience with you.

Justin Lee

A Honoka’a boy that loves the water and spreading the Aloha

Uhane Mockchew

One Hammah Honoka’a Boy in the water and on the land! Nothing is safe!!

Spencer Vivian

Spencer Vivian got into spearfishing thanks to Mike McGuire in May of 2017. Since then he has had the pleasure of competing nationally and internationally in freshwater tournaments. He looks forward to meeting new people and exploring new places as he pursues competitive spearfishing.

Kelston McGuire

Kelston McGuire was born and raised in Colorado. He has grown up spearfishing his whole life and loves connecting with nature and wildlife through diving. He has been diving almost since birth with his father, Mike McGuire, who shares his passion for the water. Kelston has had the privilege of diving in many local, national, and international events. The most notable being his participation on the 2018 CMAS World Team at Sagres, Portugal. He has also recently come back from serving a two-year service mission for his church and competed in the 2021 Freshwater Nationals where he took 1st place shooting 147 fish.

Courtney Esprecion

I have been diving all my life starting in Hawaii where I grew up.  I currently hold the Hawaii State record for Big Eye Tuna.  Now I live in Las Vegas where I dive The Colorado River and Lake Mead with my buddies at 9th Island Spearfishing.

Matt Suiter

All my life I have been into watersports. I have lived in Southern California and Hawaii but now live in Las Vegas where I dive The Colorado River and Lake Mead with my buddies at 9th Island Spearfishing. I started competing in spearfishing tournaments about 4 years ago. This will be my first Worlds tournament and I’m extremely stoked about it! #WhiteOrca


Savanah McGuire

Savanah is growing up with a diving family. She started swimming competitively at age 6 and has been diving and surfing for the last 5 years. She spearfishes in the Midwest lakes of the US and at our Villa down in the Baja. also dives for large red Abalone in Northern California.

She has competed in regional events taking large carp and small mouth bass. She has the Northern Pike World Record for women taken in Colorado at 16.6 pounds. She is stoked to be diving with all these great women and plans to have some great fun. Best fishes to all for a safe event. SM

Brandi Easter

Brandi has been diving for a number of years, and has been on three USA World Teams, Chile, New Zealand and now Arkansas! She and Anne are looking forward to taking out all the fish in Beaver Lake!

Anne Doherty

Anne has been on the same three USA World Teams with Brandi; together they are a well oiled machine. Bringin’ it to Beaver Lake!


Ryan Peterson

Ryan discovered freshwater Spearfishing back in highschool and it became a passion of his. He has been competing since 2014 and is excited to get to compete in his third fresh water world competition. Ryan is diving with his wife and dive partner of 6 years.

Shelby Peterson

Shelby was introduced to freshwater Spearfishing by her now husband Ryan. She fell in love with the sport and loves being able to compete with her husband. She hopes to continue to make her mark as a woman diver.

Maya Western

My name is Maya Western, I am 19 years old. I have been diving for the past 4 years. I have competed in the last three Freshwater Nationals, and I am competing in the 2021 Nationals this coming weekend. Over the years I have really developed a love for spearfishing. In September 2020 I shot the new world record Tiger Muskie. I have been blessed to have my dad and best friend teach me how to spearfish. I am excited to be diving with him in the 2021 Freshwater Worlds.

Kenny Western

While I have been spearfishing off and on for over 20 years, I have really grown to love the sport as a freediver during more recent years. I love heading down on our yearly spearfishing trip to Mexico with family and friends. I have also ventured out to many new freshwater lakes over the past years for spearfishing, which has been inspired by RMSA tournaments. I have participated in several Top Dawg tournaments, several local freshwater tournaments and three US National Freshwater tournaments. I live in St. George, UT with my adventurous wife Megan and our four kids, Maya, Ian, Jocelynn and Jake. I will be diving with my daughter Maya as a team in the US Freshwater National 2021 and then in Freshwater Worlds 2021. I am looking forward to a great year of diving with family and friends!

Cavell Carpendale

Having a chance to go to worlds is a big honor. Scuba diving was the first hobby, soon it led to an interest in freediving. I met Mike McGuire in 2015 during an advanced SCUBA course. Since then he’s gave my husband Austin and I plenty of great opportunities and resources to really dive deep, pun tinted. Soon we started attending tournaments regularly and taking plenty of trips just to spearfish. I’ve only been freediving competitively for about 5 years and have learned a lot. I’m excited to learn more from, and compete with experienced divers during my first world tournament.

Austin Rickard

I have been diving competitively for about 5 years now. I have had many opportunities to meet and compete with the spearfishing communities best and brightest. My love for the water pushed me to become a scuba instructor and i get to spend even more time in the water thanks to spearfishing and I have found a new passion that will stick with me forever.

Erik Beach

Born and raised on the Big island of Hawaii. United States Army Veteran, Farmer, Youth Advocate and a friend.

Johnelle Beach

Grew up on the famous Kaneohe Bay fishing and diving. Worked as a dive charter guide and a commercial diver. Full time farmer and fitness fanatic. Enjoys anything outdoors and adventurous.

Cuba / USVI


Alex Bristol

I have been FreeDive spearfishing since the age of 6, competitive spear fishing since 2003 and represented the United States in 2012 World spearfishing competition in Vigo Spain.

Tony Miranda

World Championship 1992 USA Team member in Porto Cristo Spain and 1995 Isla Margarita Venezuela, best placed American diver in both tournaments. I have participated in 4 Panamerican spearfishing championships as team captain in Miami fl. It will be a privilege and honor to compete with all of you in Arkansas 2021. I’m honored to represent Mares Spearfishing equipment.

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Robert Koss

Robert John Koss 28, Mangilao Guam @buddayy

  • Onedrop spearfishing team
  • PADI certified Freediver
  • – Competitive and sustenance spearfisher for over 10 years
  • – Sponsored athlete at Alchemy Spearfishing, Greece & Evolve Diving, Kona Hawaii
    Competitive Achievements
    Feb. 2016 Umatac, Guam Heritage Competition 1st place largest fish
    Feb. 2017 Umatac, Guam Heritage Competition 1st place largest fish
    May 2017 Rota, CNMI spearfishing Derby 1st place largest fish
    Aug. 2017 MUFF challenge, Guam 1st Place open category
    Feb. 2018 Umatac, Guam Heritage Competition 3rd Place
    June 2018 Blue water world cup, Baja Mexico 3rd Place worlds individual, 1st place
    Reef fish
    July 2019 Blue water world cup, Baja Mexico 19th place individual lol we all have our

Michael Orr

Michael Orr, Ph.D., YM offshore
Onedrop spearfishing team member
Sponsor: Sens07 dive team
Competitive Achievements:
Feb. 2018 Umatac, Guam Heritage Competition 1st place open
Feb. 2019 Umatac, Guam Heritage Competition 1st place open, 1st place largest fish
Aug. 2019 Marianas Underwater Fishing Federation challenge, Guam 1st Place largest fish category
April 2020 OneDrop Feed Marianas Charity spearfishing challenge, 1st place open, largest fish


Monique Genereux

Love the water, love to travel, love to meet other spearos, love to eat fish, and love to shoot fish. I am from the beautiful island of Guam. This is my 3rd Freshwaters World Championship that I have been to. I am excited to try fishing a new spot with my team from Guam, and I look forward to meeting all the other teams and learning, adapting, and adjusting to a new environment. Good luck to all the other teams, we look forward to meeting you all. Be safe!

Chase Weir

Hafa Adai, my name is Chase Weir I’m 26 and i’ve been spearfishing fishing for about 8 years. I am a dive boat captain on Guam and spend most of my time out on the water. Whether its fishing or driving, I find myself on the water 5-7 days a week. I own my own underwater production company “Liquid Soul Industries” which allows me to travel throughout the pacific shooting commercials and taking photos. Fishing has always been a passion for me and I have a great time diving with my partner Monique and her brother Todd and close friend Myles. I am very excited to participate in my 1st freshwater tournament.

Patrick Atherton

I have lived on Guam 60 plus years. Spearfished on Guam and throughout Micronesia for 50 plus years. The fish in my photos look small because I am chunky but still cute. Big fish are also too easy to hit.

Carmela Tyquiengco

Hafa adai! My name is Carmela and I’m from the island of Guam! I grew up in a family of fishermen! I’ve been spearfishing for a few years now, and this will be my second freshwater competition. Me and my partner in crime placed third in the Mixed Division in the 2019 Lake Taupo Fresh Water Competition and we can’t wait to get back!



Khawinda Kuhn

I was born in Mexico City, but raised in the Philippines. My father was an avid diver and shared his love for the ocean with my sister and I. I was a member of the Philippine National Swim Team for close to a decade and competed division 1 at UNLV for four years. Like my sister, I started free diving in my early 20s, and have found a renewed love for the water. I am currently a nurse in Los Angeles and spend most of my free time close to the ocean.

Khalyla Kuhn

I was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines, where most of my weekends were spent by the ocean. I was a member of the Philippine National Swim Team for about a decade and wrapped up my swim career at UNLV as a mid-distance swimmer. I started freediving a decade ago, slowly graduated to collecting lobster, scallop, etc, and most recently moved on to spearfishing. Water is where I am truly happiest, and I feel lucky to be able to compete in a new sport.



Maksym Holovianko

I was introduced to spearfishing when I was 15 years old by my uncle.

I was such involved even I went for a night spearfishing a couple of times with him. Remember it was very scary for me. It happened somewhere in the year 1989 – 1990.

Then there was a long break of 15 years. Something inspired me in the memory of the deceased, by that time uncle, and I was again under water.

A couple of years later, I was introduced, as it later turned out, to the same “crazy” spearfisherman, who would become an advisor, a partner, a mentor, a member of a friendly sports team and a good friend Oleksandr Halaktionov.

Next year I took part in my first competition where I took the first place, then the second competition – again the first place and from that moment I cannot imagine my life without spearfishing.

Then many countries were visited with the obligatory aim of spearfishing. And now one of my foot at the World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship 2021 in the USA.

Oleksandr Halaktoinov

Oleksandr started swimming in childhood and has took a part at National swimming competitions. Then he became interested in underwater sports such as freediving and spearfishing.

Oleksandr is a member of Ukrainian Federation of Underwater Sports and Underwater Activities since 2005. He has participated in many Ukrainian competitions. He is a multiple winner who became a Champion of Ukraine 4 times and reached the Master of Sport.

Since 2009 Oleksandr is a member of Ukrainian National Team and successfully took a part at international competitions in different countries: Algeria, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Denmark.

Oleksandr is an easy-going person, who likes and prefers spent time at outdoor activities, especially spearfishing.

Andrii Lagutin

Experience of Spearfishing is around 50 years. Participation in 13 World Spearfishing Championships, 3 times I was in top-10 result position. In 2005 – 3d place in Europian Spearfishing Championship. In 1998 – World Record Holder in underwater target shooting. Author of “ABC of Spearfishing” book. Underwater cameramen, winner of underwater video international and local festivals. 

Mike Kennedy

My name is Mike Kennedy, I was born and raised in Utah. I loved fishing since I was little preferring a stick to a fishing pole, sneaking around to good fishing holes on the river and throwing my line in and catching them.  When I was about 21 my brother Aaron who was scuba certified asked me if I wanted to go down with him to see at a lake here in Utah called Flaming Gorge.  I said yes and we went down, he gave me his emergency air tucked me under his arms and down we went.  I could see all the structure and fish hiding, I could learn everything about fish from under the water.  I then went and got Scuba certified met a friend named Kenny Western who invited me to go spearfishing with Hawaiian slings at Deer Creek Reservoir also in Utah.  We had a fun time trying to shoot fish, I ended up buying a speargun which was awesome!  I got married to my wife Meagan whose brother invited me to Mexico told me about a secret fishing place down the Baja that had the best fishing in the world.  I told him I would love to I’ve never dove the ocean.   We got out there and instead of seeing 7 feet of visibility I was seeing like 50 plus feet and there was fish everywhere.   I remember I was 53 feet down scuba diving and spearfishing holding on to a rock because of the strong current with the tide when a huge Manta Ray came right over to me, I didn’t know if it could hurt me or not it came with in 4 feet I was about to poke it with my speargun I was so nervous did it turned and slowly in a way flew off.  I looked up that night, Do Manta Rays sting?  No they don’t, I shot lots of fish and had the time of my life.  The next year I invited Kenny to come with and see how amazing it was, he came and we both had the time of our lives Scuba diving and spearing fish until someone stopped us and told us that it was illegal in Mexico to Scuba dive and Spearfish at the same time and that you must hold your breath.  So we started  diving at 15 feet feeling like studs and holding our breath and shooting fish.  When I got home I started to Google, “How do you hold your breath”.  I found some chats and studied off of the University of Youtube,  so when we went back we where diving 25 ft down we would stuff our Cargo shorts with rocks to weight us down.  I remember going down one time to help Mike Livingston a friend of mine with a grouper he had shot that went down deep to 45 feet and hid in the rocks. We struggled going that deep it took lots of tries and breathing but we got it, I remember my throat pumping as I was coming up and excited at the same time.  I then learned about these cool Carbon Fiber fins that would change my world in free diving from the split fins I had been using and did they ever! I am now diving 60 to 70 feet shooting fish comfortably and loving spearfishing and teaching many others what I have learned along the way.  My wife Meagan and I have 3 beautiful  daughters and lots of pets and still reside in Utah.

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Svetlana Mayorova

Freediving is Svitana’s passion from childhood. Her father worked as a teacher at the university in the physical department, so he had taught her a lot in the swimming pool and outdoors. The passion of fins swimming and freediving leads the girl to professional sport. Svitlana has been a member of Ukrainian Federation of Underwater Sports and Underwater Activities since 2010.  She is a multiple winner of National competition of underwater sports: underwater target shooting, freediving and spearfishing. She enjoys spearfishing in different countries of the world: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, USA, Indonesia, Denmark, Norway. Also, she took part at WFSC in Lake Mead, Las Vegas, USA, 2017.

Dmytro Chuniukin

Since Dmytro Chuniukin was a child he has been interested in underwater life. He is a man who created his first speargun (it was a rubber speargun) at the age of 10. The tests were not successful due to the murky water, but the results did not stop him. Dmytro has been actively diving and spearfishing since he was 12 years old in the Black Sea. At the age of 12, his mother made a present a scuba gear for his birthday with which he dived mainly on the Tarkhankut Peninsula in Crimea, Ukraine. Having received a technical education, Dmytro started his own enterprise to produce high-quality products for spearfishing especially pneumatic spearguns.

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 Zimbabwe / South Africa


Brandon Oosthuysen

I grew up spearfishing the lakes of Zimbabwe, Africa. I’ve been spearfishing for about 20 years, 6 of which I have dived competitively. I’ve since competed in 1 World Tournament and multiple National Tournaments. Spearfishing gives me an insight into a different world. I love the freedom I have underwater, the ability to challenge myself, and the chance to compete with people from around the world. Spearfishing provides a sustainable yet exciting way to put fresh fish on the table. It’s more than my passion, it’s my addiction. Good luck to all those competing.

Kyle Hampton

I grew up in Durban, South Africa, where the Indian ocean was his back yard. I spent my youth surfing, diving, and sailing and after school I moved to the states. I got into freshwater spearfishing competition in 2015 and really has a passion for the sport.