August 3, 2016


These rules are designed to keep everyone safe and keep the event fair, and fun.

If you can’t operate within the rules please consider a different event.

Nothing takes the fun out of diving, even in competitions, faster than those who choose to break the rules. These events are designed to build our sport, so if you’re the competitive type that feels the need to push and test every rule, this is not the event for you.

Any of these infractions may be grounds for disqualification, of an individual, a team, or the complete country.

1-Poor sportsmanship.

There is NO chumming allowed at any time.

2-This event is freediving only. No SCUBA use at any time.

Muscle powered spears only. No loaded guns out of the water at any time.

No underwater propulsion devices are allowed at any time.

3-A maximum of 10 days of scouting is allowed per team, 4 months before the event. Honor system

4-Competitors will keep their catches separated in well-marked containers. Fish need to be landed by each individual diver and fish may not be shared or traded.

Fish must be shot the day of the event during the hours of the event only.

5-All local, state, national rules must be followed as well as any rules implemented for the event.

Each Diver shall dive with a buoy and a dive flag.

In this boat based meet both divers will be aboard a single boat and the captain must be able to see both divers at all times. More then one team may dive from a boat.

Divers may not dive individually from there own boats.

6-Electronics: lights, watches, GPS, Fish finders are all legal to use. There is no spearfishing allowed 30 days before the event in the event area.

7- Teams shall check in before the start of the meet, and check out at the end of the meets to confirm their safe return.

Competitors meeting is mandatory for all and there will be a roll call and introduction for each competitor by their Captain.

All events will start and end with the use of a horn or signal devise. Staging area is Boulder harbor launch ramp SW side of the lake.

Time shall be kept on a GPS- cell phone time devise.

You may not leave the diving boundaries except in the case of an emergency.

Don’t leave before the start horn or come back late. There will be a buoy line as a start and finish line

8-Each diver shall carry a legal fishing license for days they plan to hunt.

Hunting is allowed outside of the event area or below the Hoover Dam at any time. The water below the Dam is about 25 degrees colder, and the striper are much bigger

Boundaries can be found in the map section below. It will encompass the entire bottom section of Lake Mead. This area is called the lower Basin and the boundry line is just north of Carvel harbor.

It will be the no ski zone buoy line as you enter into the narrows.

9-Divers may choose to dive from shore or kayaks but must start from the same starting area as everyone else. Shore based divers may drive and dive in the event area as long as they are back on time, and dive together

You can  plan on 6 hour event days, and approximately 30 minute travel times before and after the dive time.

Please review the local rules that don’t allow diving too close to marinas or floating tire breakwaters. Fishermen anchored in boats or fishing from shore need to be given room if they were there first. Please be courteous as we are always are being watched and want to leave a good impression with the public.